24 September 2007

New Exhibition!

If you've taken a look at the website recently, you'll know I'll be showing some new work in a joint exhibition in London from 3rd - 5th October! I'm very excited indeed. There will also be work from a number of fantastic artists...

All the details can be found here. Hope you can make it along!

16 September 2007


The badges hinted at in the last post are now available in the shop

06 September 2007

Pin down

Hello if you're reading this. New additions to the shop this weekend if I can make the technology work. What are the additions? The clue is in the title.

02 September 2007

web-bog v.2.0

A new blog to replace the MySpace one that I rarely updated. I can also make this one orange! I'll try and stick some work in progress on here and maybe some other stuff. Who knows.