29 November 2007

Blog? What blog...

So it goes...

I have an idea that these blog things need updating more than once in a while. So what's new?

Well, there will be no Calendar for 2008 which is sad as I've done one for each of the last 3 years (2007 being my first 'professional' one). I hope to have one out for 2009 with new material to grace each month. If you're interested in a 2009 Calendar, let me know via the website.

I was almost resigned to not having an Xmas card design to offer in some shape or form either this year, but inspiration has struck! I'll post the result as my final 'Picture of the Week' for 2007 in a few weeks time.

That's about it for now. If anyone's reading this, thanks for doing so :)


NP: Stars of the Lid - JPRIP - Carte-De-Visite

PS: A huge thanks to everyone who came, saw and bought at the Neophytes Exhibition back in October. You have my eternal thanks.