28 June 2008

Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)

A huge thank you to everyone who came along to 'Random Drift' during the week and on the private view night. The private view night was a great success and I even managed to sell one or two bits of work! If you bought one (or two...) you have my eternal thanks.

Big thanks go out to Helen for getting the show together in the first place and making it run smoothly. She combined a great group of artists together and made it the success it was! Thanks also to Cirillo at Et Cetera gallery who put the show up and was a general star all round. If you need a gallery space, Et Cetera is the place! While I'm in thanking mode, thanks to everyone who helped out on the night with the constant serving and pouring of the booze :)

From behind the scenes here thanks, as always, to Nina who was influential in what went up (and what didn't) and the fact that it looked so good when it was up! xxx

I hope to have prints from the show up for sale very soon (possibly in a new on-line shop) and maybe even some photos from the show. Keep an eye on the website.

03 June 2008

Some news has got to be good news, right?

Nothing for ages and then two bits of news come along at once...

First up: new exhibition.

I'll be taking part in a joint exhibition once more at the Et Cetera Gallery in London. The details are:

Et Cetera Gallery, 1a Darnley Road, London. E9 6QH

23rd - 27th June 2008 10am - 4pm (Private View 26th June 6pm- 9pm)

more info can be found on my website here. Hope you can come along!

Edinburgh Festival.

You'll be pleased to hear I won't be taking to the stage, but a piece of my work will be! My good friend (and award winning playwright) James Butler is taking his excellent production Histrionics to the Fringe. Production details can be found at:


the piece of work in question can be viewed

That's all for now, folks :)