11 December 2010


I enjoy taking part in exhibitions, but Eclectic Peel had that extra something to it for many reasons. Not only was it a damn fine tribute to one of the true greats, but it was a culmination of what must have been a challenging exhibition to put on: a group of artists from different disciplines (and locations!) showing and performing their own unique take on John Peel. I also got to meet people I have only worked with over the internet and have never met! Namely Halina and Sophie of Glasgow Podcart and my partner in the project Michael Corr.

This was also the first time I'd got to see the 'Peel Tent' in the flesh...or the vinyl. The credit for the blood, sweat and tears of the final piece lays with Michael who not only scoured the land for the right materials to use, but also transported it from Dundee to Glasgow and put it up in its concrete field.

I was stunned when I saw the tent - the graphics and the illustrations that I'd only seen on my computer screen finally took on a life of their own. The layout of our work was spot on. Not only did it look good and encourage the viewer to scour every inch to discover the work, but it also looked impressive when taking it all in from a distance.

The other highlight of the day (this is before all of the evening's events!) was discovering we'd got a full page in the arts section of The Herald. Apologies to the newsagent who I left dry of copies.

The evening itself was excellent: the neon pink hue of the Barras Centre adding to the warmth being generated inside on a bitterly cold evening outside where music, whisky, cupcakes and kind comments flowed. Peel posters and badges were bought so thank you to those who bought some and to those who stopped to talk about the tent.

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I may have missed some out, so please feel free to add them.

I've put some photos up on Flickr too!

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